Why You Should Never Use WordPress Plugins to Send Emails

published on 18 August 2021
Why You Should Never Use WordPress Plugins to Send Emails-xxbi9

When it comes to WordPress blogs, you might have noticed that this publishing platform has a built-in email feature or an email plugin. Now, this plugin essentially allows you to conduct email newsletter campaigns and can send out newsletters to your subscribers. Let me explain why I think it is not a good option for you and your WordPress blog.

Why You Should Consider Using Email Service Providers over WordPress Plugins

You understand the importance of email marketing and why is it necessary for you to use the most reliable tools possible to communicate with your subscribers. Your subscriber or email list is the most effective asset for email communication.

Emails increase traffic, improves your revenue, and establishes your brand name. It may be one of the primitive forms of digital marketing, but it is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers and maintain a loyal customer base.


When you’re using WordPress’s email tool, there is a high possibility that your mail will end up as SPAM. Not that you’re doing anything wrong, but the fault lies with the way the plugin works.

The recipient email server that receives your email will look for an SPF record to make sure that the server is allowed to send the email or not. Once that is done, to root out spam, it will also check its own databases for your IP address.

PowerMTA Dashboard
PowerMTA Dashboard

On shared WordPress blogs, your blog will share the same server IP as a few other blogs as well. If any one of those users has abused the email tool, your email will be marked as spam too and the entire process of delivery is doubtful. However, if you use email service providers, your email is guaranteed to end up in a user’s inbox, instead of the spam folder.

Email service providers have efficient teams of email delivery specialists working day and night to help you deliver emails.


When it comes to hosting providers or plugins like these, there are limitations as to how many emails you can send out all at once or in a day. Even though the plugin will try to queue your emails for your convenience but most of the time there are chances that it ends up not processing it at all.

When it comes to professional email services, there are no limitations. You can send as many emails as you want, depending on your subscription plan. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you want.

Ease of Use

When you use plugins, you spend a lot of time and resources to get the plugins to integrate completely with your website. Not all email plugins integrate easily with your email lists. However, when you opt for email service providers, it’s mostly one or two-step integration.

You can create and send emails at the drop of a hat. Not just that, you’ll be able to send emails based on the various triggers and actions of visitors on your website/app.


When it comes to stats and analytics regarding your email marketing campaigns, most email tools score brownies points over inbuilt WP tools. Sometimes, you have no clue while using a WordPress platform regarding your campaign’s performance.

While using professional email delivery services, you get a variety of diagnostic and analytical tools that help you see how your campaign is doing. You can see how many emails have been opened, how many clicks you received, and many more advanced metrics, etc.


Managing a business is not an easy task and it is understandable that you want to save on your resources. However, investing in a professional email service provider helps you save the valuable time that you spend figuring out the WordPress plugin is far too precious and you can use that time to strategize. In fact, if you are just starting out, many email service providers offer freemium plans.

Even though WordPress plugins look convenient, it is best that you avoid them and seek professional help. Which email marketing service do you use? 

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