How do Successful Marketers Spend their Monday Mornings?

published on 17 August 2021
How Successful Marketers spend their Monday Mornings-zlcth

Mondays are important. Many marketers plan, think, analyze and decide on what they expect for the whole week on Monday mornings. If not all, then at least the successful people do this without fail.

Many do this the night before i.e Sunday evening. This might be one major reason and difference between successful and unsuccessful marketers. They plan their day, week, and months with goals and prepare for challenges throughout. They believe in self-dedication, self-energy, and self-affirmation while they start their day.

Successful marketers begin their day with loads of positivity around, the same positivity gets radiated throughout the day making the day or week more energized.

It’s obvious that many people are eager to hear the strategy every successful marketer follows. So here are some important tips on how successful marketers spend their Monday mornings, which plays an important role in their life:

Set the priorities for the week 

Not just for marketers, this should be the daily ritual for everyone. Successful marketers list down all their tasks for the week and then set the priorities for each task based on deadlines and urgency.

Be it personal household work or professional work-related. You should focus on both professional and personal tasks, as at the end of the day, you are solely responsible for performing your tasks on time.

You may even create 4 categories, which can help you ease your task list like - Not urgent - but important, Urgent - Important, Not urgent – Not important, and Urgent –Not important. This way you can easily prioritize your work based on urgency and importance. It does not matter if you make notes using sticky notes, notepads, or using some mobile app, what matters is the schedule which you set on every Monday morning.

Follow the number game 

Successful marketers rarely do guesswork, they are apt in numbers and make data-driven decisions. Knowing your numbers is the stepping stone to success.

Data-driven marketers are always on top of the game and have important numbers and metrics always handy. Monday mornings are a great time to review important metrics like site traffic, sales, total revenue with gross profit data, conversion rates, CAC, targets, etc.

Looking at the numbers will give you a better idea of how your campaigns are performing, what measures to take to improve the performance, and so on. You also get a better idea of innovating new strategies to promote your business towards more profit and success.

So if you aren’t spending time analyzing your marketing data, early on during the week, you are losing valuable time to make amends on time for the week. Save 30 minutes every Monday morning to analyze your website/app data on Google Analytics, email, social, content, and all relevant campaign data.

Specifically look at how close you are to your target, if there is a shortfall then how can you accelerate your marketing and reach the goals fast. For example, if you realize that you are 20% behind your lead targets for the month, then you can quickly decide to ramp up paid marketing campaigns like social media advertising and PPC campaigns.

Team meetings and review work 

A good marketing manager socializes with the marketing, sales, product, tech, and management teams and conducts various review meetings on a continuous basis. The more the marketer interacts, the more information, intelligence is gathered which helps them during strategic planning.

Monday morning meetings with your team can be used to review the previous week and plan for the week. Regular meetings also help in sharing specific challenges, upsides, and downfalls which you may visualize based on the current scenario.

Check your marketing tools

Successful marketers use a lot of tools for managing, delivering, analyzing, and improving marketing campaigns. What better time than Monday mornings to check the tools to see if they are working fine and all workflows, campaigns are performing optimally. If there is a bug or a certain campaign isn’t delivering, it’s good to solve it early in the week.

Most B2B marketers find Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as the best days of the week to schedule campaigns. Treat the workweek as a long road trip. Before you embark on one, you should check your car’s engine, fuel level, tyre pressure for a smooth journey.

In short, be prepared for the hectic work week when you will get busy executing campaigns and wouldn’t want technological breakdowns to delay your campaigns.

We are keen to know what you do on Monday mornings. Do share your Monday productivity tips.

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