Email Sending & Deliverability Solution for Brands

Enterprise grade, scalable SMTP email solution with unmatched reliability and powerful analytics for total control of your transactional and promotional emails.  

Bulk Email for brands

Transactional & Promotional Email Delivery for High Volume Senders

Reliable email delivery solutions for banks, financial institutions, FinTech, insurance, brokerages, eCommerce, SaaS, retail, travel and other sectors to deliver transactional and promotional emails.

Powerful Email SMTP

Brands can now send high-volume, business-critical emails with unmatched reliability from a simple interface or APIs.

Our dedicated PowerMTA SMTP can be run on-premise or on the cloud. PowerMTA SMTP provides unrivalled performance and email deliverability in a secure SMTP environment.

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Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is a challenge many companies face everyday. Undelivered emails not only impacts customer experience but revenue as well.

Our email deliverability experts work with you to monitor reputation and resolve issues like hitting spamtraps, blocklists, ISP issues to improve email deliverability.

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Managed Services

Building email templates, managing email campaigns and ensuring email deliverability is a tough, time consuming distraction your internal IT & Marketing teams can do without. 

Our managed services team proactively works on your email planner to design email templates, perform custom IP warmup, maintain sender reputation, email validation, IP rotation, email throttling to deliver the best RoI for your emails.

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Level Up with Esanosys

If you're looking for a email delivery solution which scales with your growing business, then look no further.

  • Email campaign
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  • Email SMTP Setup

    Our experts set up a dedicated or shared email SMTP for you so that you don't have to learn doing it the tough way.

  • Email Deliverability Issues

    Work with our email strategists to improve email deliverability and to optimise inbox placement.

  • Expert Consulting

    Benefit from our expertise in  designing, implementing, scaling and improving email campaigns.

  • 24x7 Support

    24x7x365 premium technical support to ensure uptime and optimal SMTP performance.

  • Most Reliable & Best Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

    Integrate with your mobile/web app, contact center software using APIs and/or manage email communications from our intuitive dashboard

    • 45% better delivery rate

      We offer the best email delivery rates and ensure a high inboxing rate

    • 20% cost effective

      Achieve reduction in your monthly email CPaaS bills

    • 99.9% uptime

      Uptime guarantee to ensure the best experience for your customers

    Start a Conversation

    Talk to an Email Delivery Specialist who will understand your email goals and will recommend the right solution.

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