World's Best Startups are Scaling Fast with Marketing Automation

updated on 23 June 2021

It is easy to spot the difference between a good brand and a great brand. But, what goes on to establish that difference? Questions like these have kept marketers wondering for decades. There’s no magic involved in the making of a super brand. It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time.

However, at this day and age, a brand also has to take the factor of technology into account. Moreover, for smaller players like startups, it’s difficult to compete with the biggies.

Or is it?

The truth is, startups can scale fast with marketing automation. In fact, the world’s best startups scaled up like anything thanks to marketing automation.

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Uber’s Euclid

Uber is perhaps one of the world’s best known and most valuable startup ($70 billion peak valuation). And, rightfully so. It has revolutionized transportation as we know it. In order to keep up with the rising demands, Uber decided to create an in-house marketing automation platform named Euclid to scale up. It was much more reliable than their earlier legacy system that processed data manually.

This was crucial in order to keep up with the complexity of data these days. Euclid let Uber’s marketers optimize their marketing campaigns and detect patterns, thus improving marketing intelligence. Thus it was easy to detect fraud, allocate budget and target the right audience.

Uber's Euclid Marketing Platform
Uber's Euclid Marketing Platform

Uber's marketing automation platform, Euclid can analyze data at an extremely high speed, yet show every spending at a granular level. Think about it.

Uber is available in over 570 cities worldwide. That means multiple campaigns running simultaneously in different countries. The complexity and volume of data is beyond comprehension. So, you can pretty well imagine how much data it generates. The only way to move forward for Uber was to scale fast with marketing automation which automates

Airbnb’s Email Campaigns

Let’s take a look at another world renowned startup, AirBnB ($31 billion valuation) that used email marketing automation to their advantage.

First and foremost, Airbnb encourages you to sign up so that they can track your behavior on their website. As soon as you start exhibiting the telltale signs of a person planning for a trip, Airbnb will pick that up and send an email.

Not just any email, but an email that is personalized for you and only you. They take care of all the little things in an email. It’s clutter-free, smartly designed and easy to wade through.

The best thing is, they are not pushing you to book it. They are pushing you to know more about the listing. They are not looking for the next deal. They are looking for the next person to join the Airbnb family. And when you check out, they want you to review it. Sounds perfect, isn't it?


This is the sort of personalization that only an email marketing automation platform can offer. No wonder every high growth startup uses marketing automation to scale fast.

Flipkart’s MarTech Acquisition

Indian eCommerce giant Flipkart ($12 billion valuation), acquired Appiterate, a marketing automation firm. Why so? It’s just a new marketing strategy to focus more on its customers across all platforms.

Flipkart acquired MarTech firm Appiterate in 2015
Flipkart acquired MarTech firm Appiterate in 2015

This acquisition has allowed Flipkart to reach out to their mobile-platform based customers better. Not only that, Flipkart also started focusing on their brand image and how customers interacted with the brand.

How can You Scale Fast with Marketing Automation?

Do you know what’s the best thing about marketing automation? It helps the marketers and product managers ensure that their customers get the best experience. It helps establish a lightning fast response rate and allows them to control everything from one single dashboard.

There was a study that was conducted by Harvard University which revealed that it takes most companies a minimum of 12 hours to respond to a query. But marketing automation helps you respond instantly. Moreover, that study revealed that there was a 700% chance of qualifying a lead if an enquiry was responded to within an hour.

Think about all the business you can bring in with marketing automation!

It does not matter if you are a startup. You can greatly improve your marketing processes, if you use marketing automation correctly. By running improved marketing campaigns you can score more leads. These leads can then be nurtured through the sales funnel and taken through a personalized journey to convert them into long-term customers. You have to improve your existing operations as well if you want marketing automation to succeed.

But the most important thing to remember is that marketing automation is not a robot. It will automate your tasks. But it lacks the intelligence of a marketer. So, you have to use your intelligence while the machine does the grunt work. Sounds like a good combo, right?

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