Why Marketing Automation Will Make You Question Everything in Marketing?

updated on 11 June 2021

As a marketer in the 21st century, you will surely acknowledge the fact that technology has revolutionized marketing forever. The advent of such technology is a direct result of customer satisfaction.

Customers of the 21st century are highly aware of their needs and requirements, and they demand more from a marketer. Hence marketing technology has developed to make the lives of marketers easier, so that they can devote more time to development of new marketing strategies.

Unless and until you have been developing your marketing strategies under a rock, you will be aware of what marketing automation technology is. Inspired by the CRM-using days of companies, marketing automation offers you a wide range of services.

If you implement a marketing automation platform in your organization, all your repetitive marketing tasks will be taken care of. Not only that, marketing automation provides marketers with a lead management system that takes care of your leads.

You will be able to track every visitor, every prospect and learn more about what they want. You will be able to nurture them and personalize every interaction that you have with them, in order to win them over.

Overall, marketing automation is a novel concept that is here to stay. Quite a number of marketers have already adopted marketing automation and soon every organization will be using a marketing automation platform to meet their needs as well as their customers’. 

One thing’s for certain, ever since marketing automation has entered the realm of marketing, it has compelled marketers to question everything.

For example, if we go back in time when there was no marketing automation, we will realize that marketers had different marketing strategies. Marketers approached prospects differently and their marketing technology was limited to email marketing only.

Even though email marketing is still relevant and always will be so, however, when marketers were limited only to that, all they could do was track open rates of emails and the number of visits on their website. Then they nurtured their leads up to a certain extent.

Some of them converted and became buying customers while the rest didn’t. There was no way of knowing what triggered their decisions or why the other leads did not qualify. There was no way of knowing when to pass on a lead to the sales department either.

One can even say that some decisions had to be taken arbitrarily based purely on instinct. If you think about it, that is true because marketers had no way of knowing certain things that would let them take their decisions rationally.

But now with marketing automation technology, it will make you question all these age-old strategies and processes that marketers used.

Marketing automation lets you look at in-depth data and insights which was not impossible but difficult to comprehend earlier. You can take a look at individual leads and their individual wants.

With the help of marketing automation you can actually cater to every lead’s unique needs. You will be able to learn about how much time a lead spent on your website and on what page. You will be able to track the every movement of a lead on your website and provide valuable insights for your department. 

With so much real-time information at your disposal, you can use personalization features like dynamic content to spice up your communications with leads. Along with that you get access to lead management features like lead scoring that will let you send over qualified leads to sales at the right moment.

What used to be a time consuming and troublesome process earlier has now become easier for marketers. It gives you more time to devote to marketing strategies that matter to your organization, leaving the rest to your marketing automation platform.

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