Best Marketing Automation Software Review Websites

published on 01 September 2021
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With so many marketing automation software options out there right now, choosing the right one can be a nightmare. How to go about it, then?

Checking out marketing automation software review websites can be one way of solving this problem. More often than not these websites host an array of reviews ranging for software products for small businesses to large enterprises. They present a clearer picture of the software that you want to purchase.

More often than not, it helps people a lot. It lets them know whether a certain software will be a hit at their organization or a miss. Since the reviews are from genuine users, chances are the reviews are much more truthful than the ones provided by your software vendor.

Let’s take a look at some of the best marketing automation software review websites out there on the internet.

#1: Capterra

You might have frequently come across Capterra while surfing the internet for software solutions for your company. Capterra houses over 300+ software categories on their website for you to surf through. This includes marketing automation as well.


You can read buying guides, blog posts, and user reviews on Capterra. These will help you know more about various marketing automation software vendors and help you shortlist a suitable marketing automation platform for yourself.

Additionally, you can talk to on-site experts who will help you find the right fit. They will also help you personalize your searches to fit your requirements.

#2: GetApp

GetApp is one of the leading commercial application discovery platforms on the internet. GetApp's marketing automation software category listing is best for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a marketing automation platform.


You get access to all sorts of guidance in forms of articles and blogs. Along with that, you can personalize your searches depending on the size of your company, which I think is a nice touch.

You can play with the filters to search for the right platform. Moreover, you can compare software to arrive at a decision. This often helps in cases when the reviews are overwhelmingly good and it is hard to choose between two.

#3: Software Advice

Software Advice is very popular amongst SaaS adopters. If you are looking for a source of marketing automation software reviews then you will not be disappointed. You can easily weave your way through the search results thanks to simple and easy categorization.


Every listing has comprehensive reviews that will help you go a long way when it comes to purchasing marketing automation software. Software Advice also has a team of software advisors who provide free telephonic consultation sessions to help you out.

They might help you avoid costly mistakes and shortlist the right marketing automation system for your company.

Did you know that Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice are now owned by Gartner?

 #4: G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd uses real-time, unbiased user reviews to help you assess what is best for your company. G2 Crowd empowers business owners and marketers to take the right decision through its reviews. They claim to have more than 150,000 authentic reviews on their website that will surely help you out.


You get access to peer reviews and social data on G2 Crowd. This will paint a pretty accurate picture of the marketing automation platform in question. It will reveal whether the platform will be a success at your company or not.

Thanks to G2 Crowd, you do not have to sift through outdated reviews anymore. This website’s collective wisdom will help make purchasing marketing technology much easier.

#5: Trust Radius

Trust Radius's product listing consists of insightful and unbiased reviews that will help you take B2B software technology decisions better.


Trust Radius optimizes its content quality and reliability of data to make it more useful for marketers. You can sort reviews by company size and industry to look at what your industry leaders have to say about a certain product.

Detailed reviews of every product and accurate product scores help you choose the right marketing automation platform for your organization.

These are by far the best websites to go to if you are looking for marketing automation software review websites. These sites might help you know about the options available but do your own research before you freeze on any specific marketing automation tool.

Word of Caution: You should keep in mind that these marketing automation software review websites get paid by software vendors to list their products, generate leads for them and hence the reviews might not be completely vendor agnostic.

If you want vendor-agnostic reviews, head over to our blog, we keep it neutral and do not let anyone stop us from expressing our own views!

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