How Marketing Can Win Trust of Sales Teams with Marketing Automation?

published on 24 August 2021
How Marketing Can Win Trust of Sales Teams with Marketing Automation-mfyy4

Can marketing build trust with sales? Is it even possible? This sounds too good to be true.

The history of the business world suggests that Marketing and Sales have always been at loggerheads. It is very much like the enmity between lions and hyenas in the African savanna. Time and again, we have seen how Marketing and Sales have locked horns whenever they have been in each other’s vicinity.

What Caused this Great Divide?

If we dig deeper, we will see that general mistrust is the culprit. Such an element can have a strong negative impact on any company. This lack of trust between two integral departments will automatically reduce the productivity of your company.

Earlier on, in the days of rolodexes, marketers would use traditional methods of marketing. They would generate leads and nurture them. But they would have no way of knowing when a lead would qualify. Their only tool was guess-work. And, sometimes that did not go so well.

You can’t always predict when a lead is going to qualify. You can probably approximate it, but in no way can you be sure. As a result, Marketing would hand over unqualified leads to Sales.

This was the point where it all started. Repeatedly handing over underqualified leads resulted in a detrimental situation for companies. Not only that, Sales was frustrated with Marketing and would come close to trading blows.

How to Build Trust between Sales & Marketing?

If there is an ample amount of trust, then people are happier. This will turn your company into a much more productive one.

But how does that help marketers build trust with sales? Well, there are many reports that attest that trust is the pillar of any successful organization.

According to SiriusDecisions, Sales and Marketing departments who place trust in themselves achieve 24% faster revenue growth over a period of three years. They are highly aligned and more productive than their counterparts.

To achieve this kind of growth, both teams need to focus on each other. Both teams need to be accountable for their actions. They need to say what they will do and do what they say. They need to chalk out goals and align them better. Instead of blaming each other, both teams should focus on figuring out solutions.

How can Marketing Automation help Marketing build trust with Sales?

Marketing automation - don’t let that name fool you. It is not only a tool for Marketing. It is an equally productive tool for Sales as well. A tool like marketing automation is a one-stop solution for companies.

You can track accountability by tracking leads. Additionally, you can integrate your marketing automation software with CRM. This will help establish transparency. Sales can now access and share information with Marketing.

They will know if the Marketing team is delivering what they promised and vice-versa. They can update lead information whenever needed to aid Marketing. Any organization can turn itself into a hub of lead generation and qualification with marketing automation.

Forget the lack of trust. Now both these departments will become the best of friends, helping each other.

Moreover, tracking tools help both departments to track which campaigns are more successful. Creating better campaigns has never been this easy. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the marketing automation bandwagon today!

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