B2B Marketing Attributes CMOs Should Look Out For in 2018

 B2B Marketing Attributes CMOs Should Look Out For in 2018

2018 is almost upon us. Naturally, many B2B organizations have already started to lay down strategies for the next year. I’m sure that you are doing the same. According to most CMOs, one of the most crucial parts of this planning involves adding new talent. The purpose of this inclusion is to scale new heights by hitting the growth goals set for that year.

Understandably, it is easier to accomplish such goals with competent talent in your organization. So, the question that now arises is: how to recruit such talent? One way to go about it is to look out for certain B2B marketing attributes. Of course, these qualities need to complement the needs of your organization. However, broadly speaking, there are a few specific attributes that you need to look out for irrespective of the role.

Focus On What You Need

Now, if you want to look out for particular B2B marketing attributes that fit your bill, you will have to realize what you need. That means chalking out a clear job description which will lend you further insights. As obvious as this might sound, many recruiters ignore this basic fact. In fact, understanding what you need will definitely help you acquire the right kind of talent. If you feel confused, take a look at the job descriptions that other B2B companies use to hire people.

This will definitely put you on the right track. In fact, if you put in a fair amount of effort into this endeavor, chances are it will increase your odds of landing up with the perfect fit for your organization. Nevertheless, I think now it’s time that we delve deeper into this issue.

Focus On The End-Game

One of the most important B2B marketing attributes to look out for is a focus on revenue. Your candidates should have the ability to work backward from your goals to develop and execute strategies that will help achieve them. Good marketers should realize that in order to convert a lead into a customer, they need to control many moving pieces and be a team.

They should have top-funnel expertise so that the right prospects are identified and retained. As the prospects move on, they should be able to engage them and deliver the right content at the right moment. Ultimately, their aim should be to generate as many sales opportunities as possible in order to keep up with your organization’s revenue goals.

Such marketers need to have a deeper understanding of the funnel and how it functions. They must have the ability to use the right data combined with technology to meet goals.

A Master Of Communication

Consumers these days crave one-on-one personalized marketing. They expect a personal touch and so, your ideal marketers should possess superior communication skills. Not only does this skill help them reach out to your customer better, but it also allows them to convey your brand’s unique value as a marketing proposition. This is often overlooked by CMOs but in fact, it is a valuable tool even in this era. The more creative the marketer, the better. And, if you come to think of it, a skilled, creative communicator will provide you with a powerful skill set that you can combine with marketing technology to deliver greater value to your customers while accomplishing reaching your goals.

Observes The Market

While acquiring talent make sure they have a deeper understanding of the market. This is one of the key B2B marketing attributes that let you know that they can improvise strategies when needed. Understanding the market to hone in on trends and serve your audience better is a much-needed skill. Your ideal candidates should possess the commitment necessary to read the market and be agile enough to take advantage. One cannot be an effective B2B marketer just by sitting at their desk. They need to work with prospects, leads, customers, partners, as well as analysts.

Market Solutions Not Products

Your average B2B customer is not looking for a product. They are looking for solutions that can help them solve their own set of business challenges. So, as a CMO, when you are acquiring talent, pay attention to the ones who can understand the customer. They need to understand the customer’s problem and market your product as the solution. They need to deliver value-added marketing that will expand your sales opportunities and reach your goals.

Technology Management

Do not make the mistake of hiring talent who put technology in front of everything else. Technology, after all, allows you to enable your strategies. You need a moderate amount of technology, but it is better to exercise some discretion. You need tech-savvy talents who can manage and apply what you have at your disposal. Because simply put, you do not need to go overboard with technology in order to succeed. Technology can help you to a certain extent, but after that, you will have to do things yourself.

Assess Talents And Make Your Marketing Team Better

These are some of the most important B2B marketing attributes that you need in your team. It definitely eliminates your chances to fall behind goals and makes you appear professional. Delve deeper into what your candidates can and cannot offer to make intelligent choices. Start assessing talents right away so that by the time 2018 arrives, you are ready.



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