Twitter Marketing Metrics You Should Monitor

twitter marketing metrics

Of all the social media channels out there, Twitter offers marketers with the most unique platform to carry out their social media campaigns. Lets see the Twitter marketing metrics brands have at their disposal to measure the success of their Twitter marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, brands tend to get too tied up with false notions like having more followers is a metric of good performance. There is no true meaning that can be derived from such an assumption and rarely does it imply anything.

Smart marketers like you know what to track and the metrics that you can use to track your goals. Here are 5 Twitter marketing metrics that you can use to determine the success of your social media campaigns.

1.Retweets: On Twitter, when somebody wants to share your tweet, they retweet it. So, when one person in your audience retweets your tweet, they are essentially sharing your tweet with their audience. It is a great way of measuring your engagement on social media.

Looking at the number of retweets of a certain post will reveal how well it performed and what people had to say about it. You can use this measurement as an aid to improve future social media engagements.

2.Mentions: On Twitter, you can tag anyone using their username, by typing @username. This is known as a mention. Mentions usually signal that someone is trying to start a conversation with you. The more people mention your username, the popular you become.

Besides, this is another great tool of measurement that reveals what people think about you and what your audience wants to talk to you about. A positive influx of mentions will create a surge in your social media presence.

3.Links: Obviously, you will be sharing content from your company’s website on Twitter. This is one metric that most people forget to include. You can track the number of times your audience shares your content. For this you can take help of a URL shortener like Google URL Shortener that will help you determine which content is more popular amongst your followers. You will get a better idea of what content you should focus on more. You can also use tools like Link Tally and Bitly. Such tools will reveal the number of shares once you paste in the URL.

4.Lists: On Twitter, lists are a great way to keep track of influential people. It helps filter out any frills and cut right to the chase. Moreover, if people start putting you on lists, that means they consider you to be important. They want to follow your updates and keep in touch with you. Lists might not be the first metric to pop up in a marketer’s mind, but it is still a crucial one.

5.Followers: While your number of followers might not be a conclusive metric as we mentioned earlier, you can still use it as a combined tool of measurement. If you start engaging more and more audience on Twitter, soon you will start to gain followers. 

A positive follower growth is always good, but you have to keep in mind the rate of growth. You should try to maintain a consistent growth rate, or keep improving it.

6.Twitter Analytics: Apart from all this, Twitter’s analytics dashboard allows marketers to analyse the impact of every tweet. Your account home acts as a dashboard that helps you track statistics and see your top-performing content. It will contain valuable insights about your audience and what they want from you.

Bottom Line

What matters is the quality of your followers. Just like the quality of your leads. It is better to have 100 followers out of which you engage 90 of them regularly than have a 1000 followers out of which you engage only 90.

Social media is still an evolving platform and there is more to come in the near future. So, buckle up and use these metrics to measure the success rates of your campaign!

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