7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for small businesses

If you are small business owner contemplating on whether to get started with social media marketing, then read on. Social media is much more than a popularity contest. It does not only revolve around ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘comments’, ‘tweets’ and ‘retweets’. There is more to social media than meets the eye. Marketers were skeptical about social media in the beginning, then they saw the potential it had and tapped it as soon as possible. Small businesses all over the world have been using social media to establish themselves on the internet and attract strangers from all over the world to become customers through proper social media marketing.

The following are the most important benefits of social media marketing:

1.Lower Marketing cost Getting a social media account for your business incurs no charges at all. So, if you can plan your marketing strategy wisely, you can build your brand on social media along with creating a fan-base of prospective customers without spending any money at all. Now, if you want to increase your reach, you can opt for advertising platforms in various social media channels to maintain a brand presence, which is immensely affordable. Also, opting for such advertising will automatically let you target your product specific audience for better results.

2.Dominate Search Results Ask any marketer how to make your organization’s website reach the top of the list in various search engines, you will hear that only through publishing highly optimized content. But you will be able to fulfill your demands quickly if you use your social media channels to share the published content. Regular publishing of quality content and sharing it on social media will definitely improve your SEO.

3.Improved Customer Service Most people have social media accounts and connecting with your organization on social media can prove to be beneficial for you. Customers can share their experiences, provide feedback, ask questions regarding products and that will enrich your customer satisfaction. Apart from that it will also exhibit your customer service and response times which will automatically induce customers to recommend your brand to other people.

4.Customize your Brand’s Appearance On social media, you can shed the formals because it is meant to be a social situation. Your brand should not appear uptight like a corporation, it should appear to be more relaxed and friendly. It is easier to reach out to more customers if you soften your organization’s image on social media and make the overall experience fun for any customer.

5.Increased Inbound Traffic Without the role of social media channels, your website will not experience much inbound traffic. Now with social media marketing, every piece of content that you publish on your page will lead every reader back to your site, developing more leads and prospective customers, increasing inbound traffic as well. More inbound traffic would only mean more conversions for you.

6.Improved Customer Insights Social media presence will allow your organization to monitor your customers’ comments on feeds and you will be able to understand how they behave. You can create separate lists and target your audience with the right content to promote products and special offers. You can get to know about what your customers think of your business from their comments and produce content that generates more engagements on social media. You can also measure post engagements and analyze them.

7.Competitiveness Social media not only helps you to build your own organization’s image, it also helps you to monitor competition. By keeping an eye on other business’s pages, you can improve your content and create a more affable profile to attract more customers to your page.

Need more reasons to get started? Drop in a line here and we will be glad to work out a social media marketing plan for you.

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