5 Reasons Why PowerMTA is the Most Preferred Email Delivery Software

published on 07 August 2021
5 Reasons Why PowerMTA is the Most Preferred Email Delivery Software-76a74

Today's marketers are pushing for mainly three things, that is, high productivity, consistent engagement, and high return on investments, or ROIs. If they stick to just one ESP, or email service provider, attaining all three is difficult, because the email delivery platform might be restrictive. Hence, by balancing their email volume among several service providers, marketers try to optimize all three of their needs and minimize inefficiencies.

Thanks to the development in technology, in recent years, email marketers now have several options to choose from. These include full-service ESPs like MailChimp, cloud SMTPs such as the likes of Dyn, and on-premise SMTPs like for PowerMTA. Therefore, with an abundance of choice comes to the issue of proper decision-making. 

This time around, we will be taking a look at PowerMTA, understand why it is hugely popular and how you can set up your very own PowerMTA email delivery software.

What is PowerMTA?

PowerMTA, more commonly referred to as PMTA is an email delivery software that helps marketers deliver innumerable emails every hour. Built keeping in mind higher efficiency, higher productivity, and deliverability, this email delivery software is a sure-shot way to boost your conversion rates. 

PowerMTA is highly scalable as it has extended configuration capacities and implements virtual MTA technology. Doing so allows it precise control of sources, IPs, and domains.

PowerMTA Features

  1. Can configure simultaneous connections and several messages in each connection
  2. Allows throttling
  3. Establish a retry and bounce period
  4. Provides for the authentication methods
  5. Breaks connections of weaker precedence queues
  6. Build the reputation of new IPs
  7. Pause, delete, and re-establish queues 
  8. Delivers ten times more emails when compared to alternatives 
  9. Complies with email protocols
  10. Processes both outbound and inbound messages
  11. Segment mail-streams effectively using virtual MTAs 

Companies that Rely on PowerMTA

Due to the features and benefits, PowerMTA provides, more than 70% of the bulk email industry relies on PowerMTA to meet its email sending goals. Below is a quick look at some of the big names in the industry that rely on PowerMTA to fuel their marketing engines. Companies like MailChimp, Emarsys, SAS, Microsoft use PowerMTA to fuel their email services.

5 Reasons Why PowerMTA is Preferred

Now that we know what PowerMTA is, how it works, and how much of an industry stalwart it is, let us take a look at why it is preferred by email marketers around the world.

powerMTA Dashboard
powerMTA Dashboard

Better Email Deliverability Rates

One of the primary reasons marketers prefer powerMTA is because it has its focus set on email delivery. This helps it stand a class apart from its competitors by allocating resources primarily to ensure that emails are delivered efficiently and effectively.

Abundant Options for Integration

It integrates exceptionally well with third-party CRM software, email editors, CMS tools, and other enterprise-grade tools allowing you to manage front-end email campaigns and customized emails with ease, seamlessly. 

Flexible hosting

PowerMTA is a software and not a hardware device, and this allows for more flexible purchase and installation. As it is a cross-platform software, different versions are available for Windows, Sun Solaris, and Linux, allowing maximum utilization of the software.

Email senders have the option of running PowerMTA on their preferred hosting platform, without facing any compatibility issues.

Industry's Gold Standard

More than 70% of the email service providers in the industry make use of PowerMTA to run their email delivery engines and to fuel their email delivery ecosystems. Hence, it is without a doubt clear that PowerMTA has been able to acquire a large portion of the market share, and in the process, has become the industry standard.

Builds Reputation 

PowerMTA helps you build the reputation of new IP addresses, keeps track of the reputation of all email streams you use, and even notifies you in case subscribers block the sender. This allows email marketers to complete control over their email server reputation, helping them boost email deliverability and conversion rates.

Benefits of PowerMTA

Suitable for high-volume applications 

Internet Service Providers may sometimes limit the number of emails that companies can send using their service to prevent spamming. With PowerMTA, businesses have the freedom to send as many emails as required, and so, the application is very helpful for high-volume email senders.

Highly Adaptable

As PowerMTA is extremely dynamic, it can easily adapt to the frequent policy changes made by internet service providers. This makes it easier for users to make real-time changes, which helps in bettering deliverability.

High Reliability due to real-time analysis

PowerMTA allows you to tune your settings to suit the local environment,               and this helps in creating a reliable marketing strategy. It allows users to calibrate strategies and curb rate-limiting practices.

Simple set-up

PowerMTA is not overly complex and hence, it gives email marketers the freedom to create an email delivery server customized to their requirements. It also gives marketers more independence regarding practices to improve their email deliverability.

Highly Customizable

PowerMTA allows users to group messages effectively to provide greater flexibility and sender-control. It also lets you set different actions at various thresholds as per domain rules. The ‘Automatic Back’ off mode gives users the power to shape individual messages as per a predefined set of rules.

How to Set up PowerMTA?

Purchasing PowerMTA, and obtaining a license is just one side of the story. The software has to be installed and configured the right way before you can start using it for your email marketing campaigns. You can install PowerMTA on any VPS of your choice. 

Remember, PowerMTA is a good tool for you only if you’re a bulk sender and send over 1 million emails a month. For low-volume email senders, the configuration and management of PowerMTA is a hassle they can easily avoid.

Going over an implementation manual that has more than 300 pages filled with over 200 different configurations, and settling on which one will suit your company best, is not easy.

Once the installation is complete, and PowerMTA starts sending out email campaigns, you can continuously improve email deliverability rates by improving your sender reputation. Switching from generic email marketing practices to more streamlined and advanced ones will go a long way in helping you boost email deliverability.

With the fight for consumer inbox space getting more competitive as the days pass, companies that want to make it to the inbox will have to better their email marketing stacks to stay ahead of the game. 

Do you need help in setting up and managing your PowerMTA instance? If so, give us a heads up, and let us turn your email marketing game around.

At Esanosys we will help you interpret your email marketing needs into a practical email marketing stack configuration that encompasses the best email marketing practices and a robust email marketing server.

So, are you ready to take your email marketing infrastructure to the next level? Investing in tools such as PowerMTA will help you scale your email marketing campaigns and achieve high email deliverability. 

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