Why we love Marketing Automation (and you should too)!

love marketing automation

Digital Marketing is a must for any organization operating in this digital age. It is customary for companies to ensure they have a strong digital presence and the marketing team is responsible to create that perfect presence. Digital Marketing may look overwhelming specially when there is so much to do. With a right mix of tools and workflows, most routine marketing tasks can be automated. Marketing Automation is the perfect solution for companies to automate lead generation, lead nurturing, tracking, marketing intelligence and to boost sales.

So, what is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks(Source: Wikipedia).

Marketing Automation vendor, Marketo defines Marketing automation as a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

Whichever definition you agree with, it’s clear that Marketing Automation helps improve the marketing team’s efficiency and boost sales in the long run. The right tools help you launch schedule marketing campaigns and monitor visitors, leads and customers on your website and the web round the clock. It helps automate mundane marketing tasks, so that your marketing team can utilize the time saved, elsewhere in more strategic pursuits!

No doubt we are in love with Marketing Automation here at Esanosys. Here’s our five reasons why we love marketing automation and you should too!

  1. All your marketing in one single place: Through one single platform, we are able to control all our digital marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software has made our life easier by organizing all the necessary information in one place. We have our organization’s social media accounts all in one place and track what type of content is trending or what our customers’ are talking about. We also track leads and connect with them on a real time basis. We use the same tool to do keyword research, publish content, create landing pages, CTAs, manage all email lists and much more. All the marketing tools that we need are all available on one single platform. We do not have to remember multiple passwords for multiple tools. Having everything under a clutter-free platform is something we love a lot.

  1. Keywords & SEO: Marketing content has always been about relevance. With digital content it has become more important because the right keywords will earn you a sweet place in the search engine results. While we still conduct keyword research on Google Keyword Planner, we use the content management system of our marketing automation software to score the content for keyword density and it suggests improvements automatically, as we write. While, the Google Keyword Planner helps us research on the relevant keywords in terms of average monthly searches and to do a completion analysis, we love the fact that our Marketing Automation helps our writers with SEO intelligence right within the Content Management System. With this arrangement, we look up keyword rankings and monthly searches and plan for a content calendar outside the marketing automation tool. Then, we bring in the content calendar into the Marketing Automation platform and are able to create quality content. We love the SEO suggestions provided as our authors create content on the CMS.

  1. Lead Scoring: We have been using Lead Scoring to determine the lead quality by assigning a value based on the lead’s interaction with our marketing channels. We have developed a lead scoring model which helps us assign a numerical value to a lead determined by his/her position in the sales funnel. Marketing Automation helps us gather information about a lead, like which emails they open, what kind of services they are interested in availing, what type of content do they click more often, which web pages did they visit etc. Our Sales cycle ranges from 2-6 weeks. During this period, it is very important for us to nurture leads with the right content, keeping the context in mind and our marketing automation tool, helps us do that.

  1. Content: We are able to monitor all our company’s mentions on the internet. We are also able to track the performance of the content posted by us. Our Marketing Automation tool helps us understand how people are interacting with our content and how much time they are spending on an article. This in turn helps us understand what kind of content attracts which type of customers. We have been fairly successful in creating buyer personas which match our customer profile. It did take us a lot of time to pick the right signals and now the marketing automation tool is able to segment our leads based on the buyer personas. Once segmented, each lead receives personalized messages based on their buyer persona and thanks to dynamic content features of our marketing automation tool.

  1. Worth the Money: Many analysts have written about the high costs of Marketing Automation software. We were skeptical too, before investing in one but soon realized that the overall cost of using an integrated marketing automation platform is much lower than using standalone tools. Most of the time, we marketers buy more and use less. To derive the most out of a marketing automation software, it has to be properly set up. Feel free to use expert help to setup your marketing automation software. The right vendor will help you set up the tool properly but the best vendor will understand your marketing goals, customer profile and help you create the right workflows, content and list segmentation and work with you and help you succeed.

Marketing automation will help you keep your marketing campaigns organized and operational. You will fall in love with marketing automation at the very instant you start using it for your company. There are loads of software out there but choosing the one that is suitable for your company can be tricky at times. Drop me an email if you have a question regarding marketing automation.


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