Marketing Lies That We Tell Ourselves Everyday

Marketing Lies That We Tell Ourselves Everyday

Do not let the cynicism in the title fool you. I think it is time for us marketers to admit the marketing lies that we tell ourselves every day. I find it funny that our job revolves around trust, yet we choose to lie and trust those lies. Even funnier is the fact that you know exactly what I am talking about. I am talking about all those claims that the vendors make that sound great but don’t mean much. I am also talking about false promises that companies make to lure you to their blog. While that is not exactly a lie that you are telling yourself, it is still ingrained in us. However, there’s still time to make amends, and as the saying goes, better late than never.

Lie #1: We Need All The Solutions For The MarTech Stack

All of us want to choose the best solutions for our MarTech stack. Many of us choose to purchase all the popular solutions. In fact, if you ask me, this has become a pretty noticeable fad, of late. They do not research whether will need it or not. They purchase it for the sake of purchasing and also because other people are succeeding with it. But, take a moment and analyze all the solutions in the market. It will help you realize the truth for yourself. There are loads of solutions that are vague, that promise you what you will need but never meet those expectations. If this is one of the marketing lies that put your trust in, then stop it. A lot of solutions out there are just empty proclamations made by vendors to lure in unsuspecting marketers.

A basic rule of thumb that you can follow while looking for solutions is to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Will the solution make your life easier than before?
  • How will your boss react to the solution?
  • Is there a chance of generating higher revenues?

This is a pretty straightforward way of getting yourself a solution that matters. So, stop feeding yourself those marketing lies that you need everything. You don’t. All you need is what your company requires.

Lie #2: Account-Based Marketing Is The Real Deal

Every year has its own trends. This year, it is Account-Based Marketing or ABM, supposedly. Every marketer and CMO I know is talking about it. All of them want to implement it in their strategies. People are writing innumerable articles about it every day and praising it like a worshipping a pagan god. Some have even gone to the extent of hailing it as THE ultimate marketing strategy. Then again, I am not surprised at this. The amount of convenient marketing lies that vendors generate and feed it to gullible marketers will create such a situation easily.

Research from Forrester reveals that it is not as big as people are saying it is. In fact, ABM just talks about improving tactics and creating campaigns specific an account. This highly personalized approach is nothing different from what we usually try while using marketing automation. This is just a different degree of personalization. That’s all there is to it.

Lie #3: Everything In The MarTech Stack Is Integrated

I bet that many of you didn’t know that vendors use the term integration pretty loosely. At least I didn’t. In fact, most integration processes require a significant amount of lift to make it work. One might argue that this is a back-end responsibility and marketers are not responsible for this. While this is true, it is better that we take it into account. We just assume the integration capabilities of the solutions we buy. But the truth is integration is not a universal phenomenon. Before acquiring a new solution, you need to make sure that it can be integrated properly. Or else it will become a headache for your IT department and you. Choose a product that makes your life easier. If you want bigger stacks, research on the integration capabilities of different products before putting it all together.

Lie #4: More Leads=Better Productivity

Ah! The classic more the merrier concept. A lot of marketers that I know believe in a variety of marketing lies. Perhaps the most common one amongst them is that the more leads they can generate the greater will be their profits. The truth is, it isn’t. I think, what all marketers should believe in is that the more QUALITY leads we generate, the more profits we will be making.

By quality I mean extremely interested, relevant leads that actually show an interest in your brand and your products. Why should you waste time and resources on a lead that hardly clicks on any of the CTAs you send? However, don’t take this the wrong way and think that other leads are useless. But you need to have a priority-based focus that will allow you to concentrate on the best ones first. This will ensure that you do not lose out on any of the more important leads while concentrating on the lesser ones.

Lie #5: Data Is Accurate

Again, I feel this is just an extension of the quality vs. quantity debate. The truth is, a lot of the data that we collect is unreliable. We do not pay attention to it simply because we are busy generating as much data as we can. This is unavoidable. But remember that it also affects the effectiveness of processes that are based on this data. Good data will have information that goes beyond the usual contact information. It will actually reflect the sensibility that you want your data to reflect. But before that, you need to realize that you might be sitting on tonnes of unreliable and inaccurate data. A good way to rectify this is to capture minute details about your customer’s behavior. Take a note of their likes, dislikes, needs and wants. This will go a long way for both parties, i.e. you and your customer.

It’s Confession O’Clock

At some point, if you have been believing in any of these marketing lies, now is the time to leave it. Now is the time to channel your strength and use the truth to craft better marketing campaigns and create honest personalized relationships. It is time that we all stop believing in lies that do nothing to improve our productivity or increase our revenue.

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