Have No Fear of Marketing Automation

fear of marketing automationI often hear CMOs complaining about their company’s fear of marketing automation software. I must admit, many marketers and senior management still consider marketing automation to be a somewhat intimidating concept. Wasn’t CRM a bigger intimidation back in early 2000s? Can your organization live without a basic CRM now? We surely have come a long way in our journey to automate disparate sales and marketing functions.

But nearly 86% marketers still think that modern software for marketing automation is too complicated; is prohibitively expensive; and cut out for the bigger players only. The fear of failure is apparent in nearly 56 % of marketers, who are unaware of marketing automation or lead nurturing. Yes, a bit of email marketing, lead segmentation or A/B testing perhaps, but not the real thing.

It is, therefore vital for marketing automation vendors to create the necessary awareness that marketing automation increases qualified leads by 451%; larger purchases by 47%; sales opportunities by 20%, and the sales pipeline by at least 23%. The fear of failure is such that as per published statistics, only 38% use the advanced tactics such as progressive profiling while only 8% adopt marketing automation for nurturing existing customers.

On the contrary, at Esanosys we believe that marketing automation is one of the simplest things to use and without doubt, yields some astounding results in terms of bettering marketing and sales performance. The moot question that now arises is: How do you overcome your doubts and fears about it? This happens only if you take the initiative to build confidence – the first bold step towards overcoming fear.

Marketing begins and rolls with confidence. The latter is primarily fuelled by support, knowledge and experience. It’s for you, therefore, to jump into the fray first with a firm belief that your confidence will grow as you move ahead. Remember, fortune favors the brave. Also learn to accept failures as lessons learnt and not as losses. Your increased confidence will inevitably help you take the correct decisions, that in the long run, are certain to pay off.

It also takes effective teamwork to overcome your personal fears and doubts. The right team mates not only give the right boost to your confidence as a leader but also aid in delegation of duties and responsibilities, thus ensuring the highest productivity by way of the right person doing the right job. It’s only when you function as a team that you realize that two heads are often better than one and you have someone to share your successes and failures with.

The secret to effective marketing automation also lies in making others accountable for their actions when it comes to extracting the highest productivity from your team. You start with hiring the specialized skill sets required. Then it’s on to delegating specific duties and responsibilities after creating a clear action plan that tells everyone to what extent they may be held accountable. In other words, it’s absolutely mandatory that a crystal clear roadmap is created first and its chief function would be to hold all your employees accountable for their individual performances and results.

It goes without saying that digital marketing is a frustrating experience especially when you lack knowledge, experience, money, confidence and talent – gaps that need immediate bridging. Failure may shadow you at every step but it’s all about how you overcome the fear that comes with it or holds you back. Isn’t it said after all that fear when calmly analyzed, loses much of its terror?  So, face it squarely. And this is possible when you identify your gaps in the learning process and take steps accordingly to fill them. The learning process may involve interviewing, recruiting, managing, promoting and/or even firing people. This is the most important part as peoples’ power is what makes marketing successful these days.

Marketing, a never-ending improvement process thrives only when it’s professionally integrated with technology and sales. Therefore, it’s only when you decide to move forward with true grit, guts and gumption that you eventually win! More and more campaign sequences coming into the market help you adopt, adapt & even customize workflows to suit your specific needs; easier tools to use; and even implementation and integration partners or agencies that guide and help you to launch your marketing automation campaigns successfully if you still consider yourself shaky. Now that’s good news. Moreover, with prices touching $100-$800 per month, it isn’t that expensive either.

Are you holding back your decision to implement marketing automation? Do let us know if we can help.


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