10 Best Marketing Automation Blogs to Follow

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Marketing automation, needless to say, always helps in automating your business’ marketing efforts. It also delivers some very positive results in terms of lead and revenue generation and increases business efficiency substantially. However, remember that your marketing automation platform’s performance will depend wholly on your personal inputs and how you program it to get the most out of your investment. What is required then is a careful selection of the appropriate marketing automation system and innovative strategies which will serve your business best.

Check out these ten best marketing automation blogs available online:

1. Chief Marketing Technologist: The Chief Marketing Technologist blog is directed towards making the readers aware on how state-of-the-art marketing technology is revolutionizing marketing today. The blog advises readers and users of marketing automation on how to overcome current marketing challenges such as developing and implementing creative and innovative campaigns with a cutting edge automation; ways to move faster to keep pace with changes in the market and competitors; generate more sales and revenue; use less manpower and smaller operating budgets; and to learn about & integrate the latest marketing technologies.

2.Marketo Blog: The Marketo Blog covers all topics from the basics of digital marketing to advanced marketing automation. It has in excess of 140 posts on marketing automation and is a great source to learn marketing automation.

3.Silverpop- IBM Marketing Cloud blog: IBM’s Silverpop blog encompasses marketing trends, social media, email marketing as also data & segmentation. Silverpop’s system bases itself on customer data and consumer behavior to inform and drive all interactions within real time as compared to other marketing automation vendors and hence the blog focusses on the same.

4.Esanosys Blog: Probably the only marketing automation blog to give vendor-neutral, unbiased advice on marketing automation. The Esanosys blog is a great place advice on marketing automation implementation, trends and best practices. Compulsory for all marketing automation users.

5.Salesforce Pardot Blog: This blog is basically about B2B marketing automation for accelerating the pipeline and driving higher sales. There are numerous posts on marketing automation and guides sales teams on how to close deals faster.

6.ACT-On Marketing Action blog: Act-On is primarily useful to smaller business marketers. Their blog encompasses all aspects pertaining to small business marketers, particularly the resource-strapped ones. The blog focuses on the basics of small business marketing and guides newcomers on the multi-faceted concept of marketing automation. The blog will give you an insight into a workspace that empowers the customer’s experience from one end to the other including brand awareness, demand generation, loyalty and retention for enhanced business outcomes.

 7.Marketing Automation Times: This is an online publication that compiles the latest news on marketing automation. Scholarly articles from experts, moreover, enhance its importance and validity. For those with an academic bent of mind and a perpetual thirst for knowledge, Marketing Automation Times provides podcast interviews and insightful articles that help you keep abreast of the latest changes and developments in the marketing automation orbit. A must for marketing automation knowledge seekers and newcomers.

 8.Modern Marketing Blog from Oracle: As a company, Oracle per se, needs no special introduction. Their marketing blog gives you an insight into new product roadmaps and strategic architecture which have come from some of the best brains in the industry. Oracle to its credit, has in excess of 15,000 products and this also includes a big B2C set. The blogs are focused more on the integration of inorganic platforms to form a strategy based on a marketing cloud. A must read for those interested in ecosystem and partner integration; strategic, predictable & personalized segmentation and nurturing; ready inclusion of partners by way of a singular sign on the CloudApp; Oracle’s mobile strategy that is yet to be used by B2B enterprises; and account-based marketing among others.

9.Hubspot Marketing blog: Hubspot is the world leader in marketing automation platform and inbound marketing. Their blog is easily accessible and is considered to be a veritable storehouse of information on marketing automation. You get plenty of guides and case studies. Its Marketing Blog, particularly is of great value to marketing automation users.

10.VentureBeat Marketing Automation Index: The VentureBeat blog delivers the latest news on the world of tech business. You get some very insightful articles on marketing automation from experts in the industry as also thought leaders which surely help you to learn more and more about the concept of marketing automation. This blog also serves as a helpful guide when you are on the lookout for a new marketing automation platform or on the verge of switching to something new.

Which marketing automation blogs do you like? Do let us know. We are eager to hear from you.

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