7 Things about Marketing Automation Your Boss Wants To Know

7 Things About Marketing Automation Your Boss Wants To Know

Digital marketing has evolved over the years and now it has paved way for marketing automation which has considerably changed the way digital marketing has been all the while. With the inception of marketing automation, repetitive marketing tasks like sending emails are no longer a marketer’s headache.

Digital marketers can concentrate more on marketing strategies and campaigns. But for companies who haven’t yet implemented marketing automation, how can you approach your boss with the suggestion of getting a marketing automation software? It’s simple really. Keep the following points in mind, to easily impress your boss and get a suitable marketing automation software for your organization.

1. Tracking Visitors:  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track anonymous visitors on your website and profile them later once they fill a form. The very first point that you need to mention while getting your superiors and co-workers to understand the importance of marketing automation is how you get to track your visitors’ activities on your website.

So, how does that work? Pretty simple, actually. Your marketing automation tool allows you to add a tracking code on your website and emails that you’re sending out to people.

If a visitor comes to your website and fills up a registration form to get, the software adds a cookie to her browser. Every time she visits your website, you can track her activities using the tool. Depending upon the choices and preferences, you can use marketing automation to send tailor-made emails to a particular visitor.

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2. Nurture Leads: Your marketing automation tool can be utilized to run lead nurturing campaigns by deploying drip marketing mailers. Before your boss says auto-responder, you can quickly add that any marketing automation tools are dynamically equipped to handle innumerable lists for different visitors and you can implement segmentation rules as well as various logic options in order to cater to every single visitor’s need.

When a visitor signs up for updates and free goodies on your website, these email ids get added to your email list immediately. You can welcome them to your organization and quickly move on to introducing them to various features of your website and products. Will your boss be able to resist such a high level of personalization?

3. Qualify Leads: Marketing automation programs help you to delve deeper into a customer’s psyche and analyzes customer behavior. Grading modules present in the software helps you to determine where these leads are in the buying cycle and how you can slowly lure them into your ideal cycle. When you have information like this, it is easier to assign your resources accordingly. Individuals who seem more perspective and can easily be converted into a solid lead will be easy for you to identify.

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4. Lesser Cost: Everybody wants to save money by not cutting corners and companies are no different. Every year millions are spent on marketing campaigns and sometimes ridiculous amounts of time and money are spent on marketing strategies but with an appropriate marketing automation program, your company will be able to save a lot of money. So, from a cost perspective, not only will it be easier to implement marketing automation but it will also reduce the workload of existing members of your marketing team.

5. Monitor your Content: Another brownie point you can score when you mention this to your boss. Marketing automation lets you host your files and generate tracking URLs that you can use to monitor your website’s content. That will let you know what kind of content attracts more customers and your organization can concentrate on a certain type of content creation. You can also track who is clicking on your links in the content, viewing it for how long and downloading any file that you might have added with your content.

6. Progressive Profiling: Getting to know a website visitor and transforming it to a lead takes time. Rushing things by trying to get more information out of visitors is not really a clever move. So directing new visitors to give loads of information will deter them from joining up. Using marketing automation program’s progressive profiling will help in shortening forms and generating different field related additional forms to be filled up on every revisit.

7. Personalization: Your boss as well as you know how customers prefer customized tailor-made content, heck, you are no different yourself. Marketing Automation gives you the ability to create a digitally enhanced personal experience for your leads. If you can attract visitors and transform them into leads by providing them a really good experience, then you will emerge at the top in no time.

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7 Things About Marketing Automation That Your Boss Wants To Know

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