5 Inspiring Examples Of Omnichannel Marketing Done Right

5 Inspiring Examples Of Omnichannel Marketing Done Right

Omnichannel marketing is becoming a popular buzzword amongst marketers these days. More and more companies are deciding to implement omnichannel strategies to make the buyer journey customer-oriented. Which is why I decided to take a look at some of the best examples of omnichannel marketing out there. These companies took the pains to refine their existing strategies. And, the end result is amazing!


Oasis is a UK-based fashion retailer. They have a website, a mobile application and several retail stores. The way they fused these channels for a better shopping experience is the reason why this serves as one of the several inspiring examples of omnichannel marketing. They decided to give retail associates an iPad. This enabled them to provide on-spot product availability information to customers. If an item was not available in the store, an order would be placed on behalf of the customer.

Similarly for customers who visited their online website and found a product out of stock, a new “Seek & Send” service allowed them to look for the product in retail stores. Once a product was located, it was reserved for the customer to be shipped to them right away. They even got the feature to track their shipment once dispatched. Pretty neat!

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel are a US-based home accessories brand who decided to take matters into their own hands in order to provide customers with a better experience. This is again one of the finest examples of omnichannel marketing.

They saw that most of their shoppers would visit their eCommerce website to look up products. Then they would carry on their research on the mobile application. So, when customers signed in, C & B saved their information so that they could access their carts and wish lists across all devices.


Sephora has a “My Beauty Bag” program for its most loyal customers. It helps these customers manage the products that they like and their entire purchase history from any platform. Members of their rewards program can use this feature to make their lives easier while shopping online. They can track purchases, rewards, create shopping lists, save items for future purchases, re-order previously purchased items, and much more. In fact, it also allows users to access their shopping list in their retail stores to improve their overall shopping experience.


Chipotle gets a straight A+ when it comes to serving as one of the best examples of omnichannel marketing. They started taking advantage of the different channels that their customers use to place orders. Implementing an omnichannel strategy enabled customers to place orders on-the-go without the need to create accounts. But, if they did create one, they would be able to keep a track of previous orders and re-order to save time.



When it comes to getting every detail right, Disney is up there on the pecking order. This is going to be one of the best examples of omnichannel marketing done right that I have come across till date. First off, their website is mobile-friendly, so planning your trip is a breeze. You can use the My Disney Experience tool to plan your trip. This includes where you want to dine and stay. Then when you are finally at the park, you can use the mobile app to see which attractions are nearby and the waiting time for each.

my disney experience

From a theme-park visitor’s point-of-view this is invaluable. They also have a Magic Band Program tool that acts as your hotel room key, photo storage for Disney characters and also allows you to order food. When it comes to omnichannel, it cannot get better than this!

The Road Ahead

Omnichannel marketing has a long way to go. But the amount of effort some companies are putting in is admirable. At this scale, most companies will adopt omnichannel marketing as their way forward in a couple of years. Technology too keeps evolving, so omnichannel marketing tools are right around the corner! Want a taste of omnichannel marketing today? Sign up here to experience it for free for 30 days!


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