Top Marketing Automation Certification Courses for Marketers

published on 09 June 2021
The Top Marketing Automation Certification Courses for Marketers-xnrw8

If you are looking for a career upgrade or a job change, its vital to know about marketing automation. So, are you looking to upgrade your marketing automation know-how with a marketing automation certification course? Nowadays, with so many marketing automation software vendors out there, it has become quite easy to get such a certification.

But, is it worth it? It definitely is. Moreover, it helps you expand your knowledge on marketing in general. On top of that, you get to become a certified marketing automation expert.

But, does that mean you should go for any course out there? Nope.

Many people have written to me on LinkedIn asking for the best marketing automation certification out there. To help you out, I have made a list of the top marketing automation certification courses out there. Whether you are a marketer, or a client or perhaps just a curious jobseeker, the marketing automation world is out there waiting for you to conquer!

#1: Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course

It’s no surprise that marketing automation software provider Hubspot is one of the leading providers of marketing automation certification courses. The basic Inbound certification course only takes 5 hours spread over 12 classes.

It’s a free course and covers the fundamentals of inbound marketing thoroughly. You have to take only 1 test comprising of 60 questions to receive the certification.

If you want to know how to do SEO, create landing pages, nurture leads and convert them, then you are looking at the perfect marketing automation certification course. This is best suited for marketers, entrepreneurs as well as job seekers who are looking to bolster their resume.

#2: Salesforce Pardot Certified Specialist

Another great marketing automation certification course that you can attend is Salesforce Pardot’s course. You can download their study guide and browse through their knowledge base to get ready and take their exam.

You can take the exam offline in any of their testing centers all over the world, or you can take the test remotely from your computer. This is perfect if you are a marketer who wants to get certified as a Pardot marketing automation expert in today’s world.

Of course, it's not free and is suitable for Salesforce Pardot users only.

#3: Marketo Certified Expert

Marketo University announced this course as a technical certification course that will validate your competency as a marketing automation expert. This is best for Marketo customers and partners who want to be certified. The exam comprises of 75 questions and you get 1.5 hours to complete it.

You can either take the paid certification test at a local center or remotely online.

#4: Oracle Marketing Cloud Certification

Oracle has a well-organized certification module that will help you succeed. You can prepare for the exam by training yourself. Oracle has a range of training courses that improve your chances of scoring more.

The exam takes 2 hours and there are 70 questions. You need to secure 70% in order to pass. However, this test is not a free test. You will have to pay approximately $150 to take the test.

Good for marketers who want to work on the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation system aka Oracle Marketing Cloud.

#5: SALESManago Marketing Automation Specialist Certificate

Marketing automation mavericks SALESManago provides their own marketing automation certification course. You get access to free webinars and study material. In addition to that, you get access to their knowledge centre that has a set of eBooks to sharpen your knowledge as a marketer.

You have to attend a 10-lesson course and 40 comprehensive video tutorials in order to complete your course. The best part, its available to all and for free.

#6: IBM Marketing Cloud Badge Workshops

Priced at $499, this certification is only for IBM clients. They have a schedule that they put up on their website and take in only 20 students every time. There are two types of workshops, namely, intermediate and professional.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can opt for one. If you want a thorough approach, I would suggest you to take the intermediate course, and then opt for the professional course. This will help you cement your foundation of marketing.

You should not face any trouble finding the right marketing automation certification course now. All, you need to do is see which course suits you best.

Just keep in mind, like any other software certification course available in the market, these courses are also skewed towards the software vendor's software architecture. 

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