Facebook Retargeting Basics for B2B Businesses

published on 09 June 2021
Facebook Retargeting Basics for B2B Businesses-ya4hl

Facebook retargeting ads are a good way to increase your ROI from the internet’s largest social media networking site. Most of us, who are on Facebook have seen Facebook Retargeting ads. But how does that benefit B2B marketers? Well, we will get into that later. First let’s deal with what are Facebook retargeting ads.

For beginners, I find it best to explain this with an example. Have you ever visited a website, closed it and opened Facebook minutes later? While you are scrolling down your feed have you ever seen an ad for that site pop-up? I’m sure you have. That is Facebook retargeting for you.

What happens is that the website you visited puts a cookie into your web browser. That cookie follows you around the web. When you visit Facebook or a partner website, the cookie gets triggered. As a result you see those retargeting aka remarketing ads.

Facebook retargeting found significantly increased spend of 51% amongst B2B companies in the US on an average. Retail organizations invested an average of 26% more. You can say that Facebook retargeting is the online version of a follow-up. Retargeting basically grants you a second chance to convert a visitor. It allows your website to be visible from multiple locations as it wanders around following your visitor.

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How Can You Benefit from Facebook Retargeting?

With over 200 million businesses on Facebook, 2 million of them spend their marketing budgets on Facebook ads. So, if you have to stay ahead of your competitors, you have to use Facebook retargeting as well.

#1: Greater Visibility (Literally!)

Facebook is a social media website strongly influenced by attractive visuals. Images engage far more users than anything else. So, your Facebook retargeting ad will get greater clicks if it has an engaging image. Of course, you cannot run an ad without an image. But if you play it right, you are going to generate a lot of traffic for your company's website.

#2: Split Testing

This is great news for all marketers around the world. Facebook allows you to split test your retargeting ads. This is extremely important for retargeting purposes simply because it helps you figure out which ad is more engaging.

Accordingly you can move forward with the most effective option. You will be able to see on your dashboard how each version is performing. So, choosing the right one becomes really easy.

#3: Advanced Targeting

All YOU need to do is find out who is your target audience. Once that is done, thanks to Facebook, you can dive right into the tiniest of details. You can target only the ones that you actually need to target. Why waste precious resources on people who are not part of your target audience?

You can target individual Facebook users based on their likes and dislikes. You can target them according to your ideal buyer persona. This way, you will be targeting the ones who have a higher chance of converting.

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#4: Mobile Audience

There are 1.7 billion Facebook mobile monthly users. With mobile becoming an integral part of marketing strategies, Facebook is a goldmine sitting in front of you. In fact, with improved connectivity and superfast internet, Facebook for mobile has become a sweet spot for marketers.

Facebook retargeting not only allows you to target desktop users, but mobile users as well. So, you basically get to target your audience on whichever device they use.

#5: Extensive Analytics

Facebook takes its analytics very seriously. They have it all laid out in front of you so that you can see it anytime you want. You can access this using the “insights” tab of your Facebook page. This page will display all sorts of metrics related to your Facebook retargeting campaign.

Everything from weekly reach, likes, views, engagements, etc. will be present there. This helps you tweak your campaign as necessary on the go. It is a great feature, as it helps you right your wrongs without facing too many hassles.

Facebook is constantly improving its features. But according to a study, almost 79% people said they feel like they're being tracked by retargeted ads and want to escape from cookies. Many people find Facebook retargeting ads to be irritating whether on mobile or on desktop.

Since Facebook is such a vital marketing channel, modern marketing automation platforms are well-equipped to handle that. You can create Facebook advertisements and manage them directly from your dashboard.

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