Does your WordPress URL end with #sthash?

WordPress URL ends with #sthash

Do you find a weird suffix like #sthash (#sthash.NJk6gumQ.dpbs) in your WordPress website or blog URL and want to get rid of it?

Like many of you, I was peeved at this weird URL suffix. I wanted to get rid of this at any cost but didn’t had much headway. I was sure it was due to one of the many plugins, I had installed on my WordPress blog. I took up the challenge to find the culprit head on and disabled all the plugins(Yes 15 plugins in total). It did give me hard time but the result was worth it. Then, I started adding the plugins again one by one. After installing each plugin, I checked the URL. After installing the ShareThis plugin, I realised this plugin was responsible for the suffix.

ShareThis adds this suffix to every URL to track the number of shares of your content online. If you want to know the number of social media shares, you may choose to retain the plugin as it is, otherwise follow these 2 steps to remove the suffix.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugins tab. This will list down all the plugins installed on your WordPress.

Step 2: Go to the ShareThis plugin configuration settings. Quickly, head over to the step where to see “Measure copy and shares of your website’s content/URL options. Uncheck both the boxes and go to the next step and save the settings.

That’s it. Check your WordPress web page/blog now. Voila! The .dpbs suffix is now gone.

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