All You Need to Know About Facebook Impressum

facebook impressum

Wondering what is Facebook Impressum? Read this post to implement Facebook Impressum for your company page.

Since the past one year, Facebook has implemented a variety of different modifications in order to enhance user experience, and one such feature that has been implemented is the Facebook Impressum. Most users have raised questions, wanting to know what an Impressum is and social media marketers have been befuddled for a while.

What is an Impressum?

Impressum is a Latin word and there isn’t any single English word to provide a worthwhile translation. The closest one can get to decipher the word’s meaning in English is “Engraving”, “Credits”, “Legitimate Disclosure”, “Lawful Notice”, “Terms of Conditions” or “Explanation of Ownership”.

Simply put, Impressum is just another eccentric way of expressing “About Us”. However, depending upon your country, Impressum is either a useful tool or a government requirement. This term is used to legally mandate the statement of ownership of a document and is an important part of any business in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You should always abide by your local law while writing your organization’s Impressum.

If an Impressum is not required by your country’s laws, you can still utilize the field for your organization’s benefit. Not only can you use it to link your Legal Disclosure on Facebook, the very fact that you are putting it up on Facebook will get it automatically indexed by search engines. That, in turn will provide you an opportunity to place a few appropriate key-words.

What to Write?

Now, that you have a fair idea about what an Impressum is, you can up your social media marketing game by writing the correct information in that section. The following are what you should write in the Impressum:

  • Complete name of your business, company or organization
  • Address of your business, company or organization
  • Contact information that should have correct telephone numbers, fax numbers as well as e-mail.
  • Name of the administrator of the page and the organization controlling it.
  • Registration, NTN, Permit Number should be included as well.

How to Add Impressum

In order to utilize this section of your Facebook page, you should first login to your organization’s Facebook page and access it. Then, you choose “Settings” on top of your business’s page which is located at the top right corner of your screen. Clicking “Page Info” in the column on the left will take you to a list of options that include “Impressum” as well. You can now add all the necessary information in this box.

Of course, before exiting do not forget to save it, so that your audience can now view it at all times whenever they want to. You can edit any information you have put up in the future, so do not worry if you need to change anything. However, the Impressum is limited to 2000 characters only, so what you put up needs to be brief and should not cross the limit.

This field is obviously optional for those businesses that operate in countries where an Impressum is not required by the Government, but social media marketers have discovered this section to be quite useful since it is indexed by search engines all over the internet. It may not affect your social media presence directly, but the effort that you will put in to come up with a well-crafted Impressum will help you in your quest to become a leader in social media.

You can speak to us directly about social media management for your organization, we will be more than happy to help you out.



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