5 Ways to Successfully Conduct Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, marketing techniques have evolved drastically and marketers nowadays have a wide array of marketing tools at their disposal to carry out a successful campaign. But one of the oldest forms of online marketing- email, has retained its position as one of the most reliable and successful medium of a marketing campaign. It is true that email as a technology has improved a lot and now marketers can use its capabilities to suit their needs.

Before getting to know how to conduct a campaign, you should know why email marketing is still one of the most successful forms of marketing. Just like social media accounts, most people have email accounts and there are more email accounts simply because email has been around for a long time. People check their mails regularly and given the large user base email has, you can very well understand why it has the potential of being successful if channeled properly.

So, here are a few points that have been arranged chronologically that you should remember which will allow you to bring out the best results from your email marketing campaign.

1. Email Marketing Tools Choosing the right email marketing tool is like laying down a strong foundation for a building. There are various email marketing tools available in the market which have different features and price points. Depending on your requirement you can choose whether you need a complex system which offers features like purchase list management, email automation, robust reporting or you need a simple system with a database and campaign management. Choosing the right system will be very vital to your email marketing. MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are amongst the most popular email marketing tools.

2. Building a Database It is easy to buy databases but using such methods will lead you nowhere. So, you should strive to build your own email list. You have to drive strangers landing on your website/app to sign-up for emails and then confirming their selection so that you get whitelisted. Getting your email address whitelisted will help you NOT to land up in spam and hence getting a better chance of being noticed in the inbox. Now, getting people to sign up might be tricky so you will have to offer something in return in the form of discounts, freebies, promotions etc. That is one of the best ways to transform strangers into leads. Generating attractive content on your website or blog will surely be another reason for people to sign-up so that they can stay updated.

3. Set Goals While you are building a database you should keep in mind what you’re striving for. You have to decide what the ultimate goal of the marketing campaign is. Is it building a list of customers for your website, educating them about your products or are you trying to deepen your relationship with subscribers? If you can identify your goal, it will be much easier for you to decide how to frame the content of your emails.

4. Sending Mails Apart from being personal in emails for a nice effect, you should have scheduled auto-respond emails also called drip emails. Such emails keep your subscribers engaged with your website content. Always have interesting CTAs in your mails so that your subscribers can learn more about your products.

5. Behavioral Triggers Adding triggers to emails will help your cause. When a client clicks on a CTA, opens an email or performs a favorable action on your website, you can automatically trigger a message about similar products or similar information on your website. Triggers can also help your email workflows by segmenting lists based on visitor’s personas. For email automation, you may look at a tool like MailChimp or use email marketing module of marketing tools like Act-On, HubSpot, Mautic etc.

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