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11 Sep 2017

How To Get Google Reviews

Google is not just a search engine anymore. It’s much more than that. Apart from the myriad of services that the world’s no.1 search engine provides, it also lets you …

02 May 2017

Facebook Retargeting for B2B Businesses

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook retargeting ads are a good way to increase your ROI from the internet’s largest social media networking site. Most of us, who are on Facebook have seen Facebook Retargeting …

24 Feb 2017

Twitter Marketing Metrics You Should Monitor

twitter marketing metrics

Of all the social media channels out there, Twitter offers marketers with the most unique platform to carry out their social media campaigns. Lets see the Twitter marketing metrics brands …

29 Jul 2016

[Infographic] Linkedin Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

linked in Cheat sheet banner

With the social media fever rising, people looked at it from a different angles and out came LinkedIn. Built for expanding people’s professional network and improving their careers, LinkedIn is …

28 Jul 2016

[Infographic] Twitter Imaze Sizes Cheat Sheet

twitter Cheat sheet banner

A social media network, Twitter mainly revolves around microblogging and networking. It is a very powerful marketing tool as well, that businesses all over the world use to establish their …