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20 Feb 2017

QR Codes for Modern Marketers

QR codes

Quick Response Codes, also known as QR codes can serve as a great opportunity to marketers if used correctly. With so many different marketing opportunities out there, QR codes might …

28 Dec 2016

Is Green Marketing the Future of Marketing?

green marketing

As the world keeps evolving by paving way for modern technology, it has also become more conscious about its actions. A large number of organizations worldwide have developed an eco-consciousness …

07 Oct 2016

The Revamped Google URL Builder

google url builder

Google URL builder is a complementary tool from Google which allows you to add custom tracking parameters to your campaign URL. This makes it easy to track in Google Analytics.…

30 Sep 2016

Interview with Sourabh Mathur

This interview originally appeared here.

Today our guest is Sourabh Mathur the Founder and CEO of Esanosys, a marketing automation services company headquartered in Bangalore. Marketer by profession, …