What's the Best Time to Send Emails?

published on 11 June 2021
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Ask any email marketer when the best time to send emails is. And, they will promptly say that you should better do it before 12 noon from Tuesday through Thursday. But how much does this statement hold true now? Even a few years back, marketers would always time their emails so that the maximum number of recipients would read it.

This would be some time before people started working and after they reached work. Why? Because they would have access to their respective email accounts.

People would check their emails, and hopefully, they would open what marketers sent them. It was a tried and tested formula that usually yielded results. But things have changed now. What used to be the best time to send emails, might not, after all, be the best time anymore.

What Do The Numbers Have to Say?

Let’s take a look at this study by Experian which says something completely opposite. Irrespective of industries, email recipients are more active at night.

In fact, it was noticed that the average unique open rates were 21.7% from 8 P.M. to 11.59 P. M. and 17% from 12 A.M. to 4 A.M. If you dig deeper you will see that these recipients exhibited click-through rates of 4.2% and 3.2% respectively. On top of this, more than 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device nowadays.

Emails that were sent on Monday had the highest ROI. Emails mailed on Friday had the highest click-through rate. However, during the weekend emails had the highest open and click-through rates compared to the volume sent. So, people who opened their emails during the weekend more likely ended up making a purchase. This makes us all wonder, what is the best time to send emails?

Anytime Works (Really!)

It is confusing, right? With so many different data and figures, it is hard to figure out which day works best. Should you go for an unconventional time, late in the evening? Or should you turn yourself into a weekend warrior? The truth is the best time to send emails is anytime. Oh no, I am not joking at all. I am sure you must be wondering that after everything that experts say on choosing a time to send emails, how “anytime” can be possible. I can understand your concern.

Oh no, I am not joking at all. I am sure you must be wondering that after everything that experts say on choosing a time to send emails, how “anytime” can be possible. I can understand your concern.

The truth is, times are changing, and so is technology.

Mobile Phones Galore

One of the primary reasons why anytime works is because everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Remember, how I was talking about going to work and then checking their emails? Well, that is not the case anymore.

With more than 54% of emails being viewed on mobile phones, it is no longer a desktop-bound element. In fact, the numbers just keep rising. With a smartphone, people can check their emails anytime they want to.

But there’s a catch. On mobile phones, click-through rates are lower. The primary reason being most email marketers do not optimize their emails for mobiles. At this day and age, optimization is key if you want to generate leads. You need to make sure that your copy is crisp and the CTA is clear.

If your customers cannot read the emails that you send them on their mobile, they are less likely to remain your customers for long.

But, when it comes to mobile phone email marketing, there comes another obstacle. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. You can say that it wakes up with us and goes to sleep with us. It is an extension of our own personality. So two different people who have different habits and sleeping patterns will have different times for checking emails.

Trying to search for the best time to send emails might turn to be futile in this case.

So, What To Do?

Recent advancements in the field of marketing have seen marketers employ the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI. The best thing about using AI in marketing is their accuracy with predictions. What you can do is take the help of an AI to figure out the best time to send emails to each and every person.

If you're still trying to time your email blasts, then it's time to switch over to smart 1-to-1 email marketing delivered by smart marketing automation platforms. These platforms, send 1-to-1 emails to your prospects, the way you would have done manually.

You will be able to improve personalization in your marketing efforts. Along with that, more recipients will open their emails. This, in turn, will help you generate more leads and ultimately, close more deals.

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