6 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content

Video Content

Interactive content is the new content marketing. Videos, infographics, virtual reality, are some of the most popular forms of interactive content that marketers are using to promote their brands. Consumer habits have revealed that they prefer visual content, so marketers are cashing in on this opportunity. In fact, 76.5% of marketers admitted that using video content had a direct impact on their organization. I am sure you know this as well.

So you went ahead and invested your time and energy in producing video content.

But, as time goes on, you notice that no one seems to be watching your videos.

I have been in your position, and trust me, it is not a good feeling. But, do not despair. We better ourselves from learning from our mistakes. And, that is exactly what we are going to do now. When I realized that my video content was not getting enough views, I decided to do some investigation of my own.

Reasons Why No One Is Watching Your Video Content

Video content marketing is an effective brand strategy. So, if your videos are not getting the views that they deserve, do not give up. Take a look at the reasons why no one is watching your video content, and maybe you might find something relatable. In fact, if you can correctly identify why there are no views, that’s half the battle won.

#1: Viewers Cannot Find Your Video

Just like a blog, your video content needs to be optimized too. More often than not, you do not get enough views because people can’t find your videos in the first place. And, the fault lies in your video title, description, tags and all the text that surrounds your video. Your first step to video content marketing should be leading your viewer to your video. People will never search for the exact terms. They will always stumble upon your video while using their own search terms. So, you have to make them stumble upon your videos somehow.

All you need to do is conduct a thorough keyword research. You will be surprised to see how much information this will reveal. Choosing the right tags and category is another key element of helping viewers “stumble” upon your video. Tags are a great way of optimizing your video by letting the video hosting platform know what the video is about.

#2: Viewers Have No Idea What Your Video Content Is About

Your video is coming up on search results, but no one wants to view it even then. So, what is stopping them? Let’s pause for a moment and take a good look at the things that come up when you search for a video. A thumbnail, the title of the video, and a short description are the three elements that you can see. Now, in order to interest a viewer, you need to have an attractive but relevant thumbnail and title. When it comes to the description, it’s best to stick to something short and crisp. There’s no point in investing in a long description because a viewer will only be able to see the first two or three sentences anyway.

#3: Your Video Content Is Way Too Long Than Necessary

People’s attention span is dwindling. It’s the truth. If you are creating video content, keep it short. In fact, start off with short videos. Then, maybe once you have a subscriber base and a reputation, you can focus on longer ones. It is comparatively easier to create short videos that engage the audience rather than long ones.

#4: You Are Targeting The Wrong Audience

One of the primary reasons why no one is watching your video content is that you are targeting the wrong audience. Just because cat videos are popular does not mean you have to create cat videos to promote your brand. Do you get what I am saying? Cat videos may have a different audience than your brand. So, make sure that your video is relevant to YOUR audience. Do not target the wrong or irrelevant audience for views. That never works.

#5: You Are Not Promoting Your Videos On Other Marketing Channels

Cross-channel marketing is a thing. So is cross-channel promoting. I am assuming you have a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and a LinkedIn page. You already have some sort of audience on each of these channels. You are doing the wrong kind of video content marketing if you are not promoting your own content on other channels. You have to let your existing audience know that you are producing videos. If they like it, they will share it with their friends and followers.

#6: Your Videos Scream: “SALES PITCH! BUY ME NOW!!!”

Another reason why no one is watching your videos. Never ever should you create video content that only aims to sell. Ever seen a branded video content that is successful? The best thing is they don’t have a sales pitch at all. It’s not really reverse psychology, but your aim should be to create content that benefits your viewers, not you.

Don’t Create Video Content For Video Content’s Sake

Creating relevant and meaningful content takes time. Really, it’s no joke. You should not rush yourself just because every brand around you is creating videos. Chalk out a strategy first, and then proceed accordingly. I’m sure that if you keep the following points in mind, you will be able to garner a strong viewership in no time!

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